WCS provides highly specialized personnel in the commissioning and operation of power plants, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, refineries and extraction plants.

WCS professionals, differentiated for different areas of specialization, could act individually or in multidisciplinary matter, adapting to the case in question, to allow better control of the phases of work, from preparation and implementation until to reach the results requested by customers.

The procedures developed by the WCS engineering department in commissioning are detailed in a comprehensive way and the working instructions, to be carried out in the field, have a high degree of understanding and at the same time maximum efficiency.

WCS performs industrial engineering, using a team of detail engineers, chemists and process engineers to study the best solution for the customer, customized to their needs.

The safety aspect is as important as environmental problems. WCS implements all the security measures dictated by the Italian laws in force (Dlg. 81/08 and s.m)) and at the same time studies, designs and proposes the best environmentally friendly solutions to prevent and reduce the risks of contamination.