After accurate chemical analyses on waste produced during chemical cleaning and preliminary treatment tests, WCS offers “ad hoc” solutions for each type of waste, supplying necessary technical support to perform a pretreatment “in situ” with a significant  costs reduction, always in compliance with the environment and existing laws.

Where it is not possible to carry out local treatment, all waste produced is managed by WCS, that carefully classifies the product, transports it to authorized centers with their certification according to applicable law.

Demineralization Plant

Chemical Physical Plants

Reverse Osmosis Plants

Resins Plant

WCS is the ideal partner for the design, construction, installation and after-sales assistance of water and waste treatment plants.

The company operates mainly in the industrial sector at national and international level, in charge of primary water treatment, process and discharge.

We support our customers with post-sale scheduled technical support, management and remote control services.

Thanks to our qualified staff, we also offer in-house laboratory analysis and consulting services for licensing practices.

In addition, WCS designs and manufactures non-oil wastewater treatment plants with patented and exclusive technology,  enabling water recovery (such as demi water) of around 85-90%.