Solid particle contamination is the biggest cause of failure in hydraulic circuits and with lubricating oil.

The flushing eliminates contamination in the circuits  with the same oil high-speed pumping in the system. The turbulent flow, combined with the high speed induced in the circuit, takes the contaminated particles and transports them to the flow unit filtering system.

For new or repaired hydraulic circuits, it is important to cleaning the pipes to remove any residue (welding residues, dirt, metal particles, any water, etc.), thus avoiding commitments or premature failures.

The oil filtration is a procedure always used before to start the system because is important to protect of all rotational systems and machines.

Up to 80% of the machine’s maintenance work is due to contaminated operating fluids and the harmful effects of the polluting particles have been well documented with special attention to components.

WCS makes high-speed oil flashing for:

  • feed pumps
  • coal grinding systems
  • thermal power plants
  • diesel engines, gas, biogas
  • turbine of a gas
  • steam turbines
  • hydraulic turbines
  • electrical transformers
  • load switches
  • wind farms
  • incinerators
  • compressors