WCS also rents the equipment and materials that are necessary for  industrial installations commissioning or maintenance.

WCS offers to its customers a wide range of equipment:

  • Electrical and Diesel Pumps (from 5 m3/h up to 1200 m3/h), in cast iron, staleness steel for aggressive chemicals
  • Low and medium pressure pump (up to 35 Bar)
  • Diesel High Pressure pump system up to 2000 Bar
  • Silencers and Blow valves
  • Flexible hoses (1/2”12”) 20 bar
  • Diesel power generator from 20 KW
  • Auxiliary Boiler up to 4 ton/h
  • Reverse portable osmosis plants to produce H2O
    demi 12 m3/h. 2′′ to 48′′ iron pipes from various ratings cc sb
  • Screw pumps for oil flushing (up to 4000 l/min)

AC-DC TIG welding machine

Ultrasonic flow meter

High flow pumps up to 1200 m3 /h at 80 meters

Single pump in carbon steel – flow rate 320 m3/h at 80 m

Stabilized three-phase electrode welding machine 400A

Medium pressure pump – up to 300 m head and 30 m3/h flow rate